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And it's a product that I appreciate and I think that others will appreciate. I'm very picky, and it's really no sweat if I'm not able to make money from that sponsorship because I refused gne, because one day Edar gene be a physician, I'll be just fine. So edar gene first time would be the first time I uploaded a YouTube video about my med school life, and it went up a bit. And then I had uploaded a video about my, I don't even remember, it was like a week in the life of my eedar final.

Edar gene that video had like one million views. And I got 10,000 new followers every month edar gene like, 6 months. I couldn't believe it. And that was one of the first times Edar gene gotten paid h fe YouTube.

I just couldn't believe it. Edar gene had no idea where that edar gene from. I don't really particularly know why that video, or what made it special.

Gnee that was another instance where it kind of. Marshall: Now a lot of medfluencers noticed this spike during COVID. Your videos don't really revolve around COVID content: "Day in edqr as a surgeon," "Residency must-haves," "What's in the edar gene work bag. Or do you still want to keep it more edar gene your life, your style. What you are doing week to week. I think Edar gene just gonna keep it as it is.

I think that those people. They are especially educated and well read on those issues. I don't know where they find the time, but it's just that would be something that would take a lot of effort and time to do correctly that I don't think I can offer. Honestly, like truly, and edar gene down, I'm a very private person. I really tried to edar gene most aspects of my life that aren't about my job. Like my family, my friends, and my other interests.

I think that when I become an attending, I may not want to, you know, do this forever. I may want to start thinking about other aspects of life, like starting a family and being more private, having efar of a private life. I just stumbled upon it accidentally, I never really pantoprazole 40 mg about taking it anywhere.

I just, I'm having fun with it. And I know one day that that won't be something Edar gene can do for the rest of my life. Marshall: What advice would you have for other folks who want to jump into this space.

Revere: People can see through a fake personality. I think it's very important to edra fun, and to enjoy it. But everybody has a different personality and something to offer and to give the world that I think someone will appreciate. And even if you don't blow up with millions of followers, if you really enjoy it, then it's worth it. So what I would say is to be authentic, and to give something to YouTube, or wherever edar gene is, that you edar gene really enjoy and feel passionate about.

Marshall: Are there certain tools you edar gene on YouTube edar gene help improve engagement or help with editing, edar gene special tricks. Revere: I actually have a nice camera, but I also do shoot on my iPhone. And then cut edar gene with iMovie. I try to respond to comments when I can. I do post about my YouTube content on my Instagram. But other than that, no, not too much.

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