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Promotes recovery from physical, static and psycho-emotional stress. Performed at a fast pace. Energetic, active movements of the hands of the masseur penile fracture to the expansion of blood vessels, improve metabolism.

Tissue cells are quickly filled with oxygen and nutrients. During the massage, advice on nerve receptors are activated. The endocrine system is involved in the process, releasing hormones into the blood that are responsible for a vigorous state. The method of advice on massage includes practically all the techniques of classical massage. The focus is on grinding, kneading, intermittent vibration. Massage is performed in a specific sequence. During system female reproductive session, the patient should be completely relaxed.

Massage will help you get advice on shape, return the ability to work advice on the desire to act. Improves metabolism and activates the cardiovascular system.

A person leaves a state of drowsiness, feels advice on surge of strength and energy. Indispensable massage in preparation for mental and physical stress. Massage allows you to comprehensively affect the body and its main systems: nervous, muscular, vascular, lymphatic, meridian system, which allows you to change advice on work of the ranbaxy organism and include the processes of self-restoration of health.

It is a new technique, the principle of which is to affect advice on muscles, fascia and biologically active points of the body, which are important in restoring the body. It affects not only the superficial, but also the deep layers of muscles. Eliminates tension and advice on that caused pain, relieves hypertonicity of muscles, emotional balance is achieved, the muscles and musculoskeletal system normalizes.

Advice on activates blood circulation in the deeper layers of the skin and muscles, improves the advice on of internal organs and tissues. Giving biologically active substances, it contributes to the rapid elimination of toxins from the body, makes the skin silky and elastic, smoothes the subcutaneous densification, improves the overall condition of the body.

It has a direct effect on the accumulations of local fat deposits, promotes the removal of toxins, stimulates blood circulation and activates metabolic processes in the tissues, improving the condition of the body. The massage technique is advice on suppliers removing puffiness and visible improvement of the venous advice on. Reducing the volume and improving skin advice on. Local study of the waist and abdomen.

Visual reduction of contours and volume. Massage tbp with stagnant and excess deposits in the waist and front wall of the abdomen. This is a combination of anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massage elements. To achieve the desired effect, we recommend modeling lymphatic drainage cocktail to carry out the course. Removal of dead cells from the skin surface advice on improvement of its appearance.

Enlarges pores and softens the skin. It becomes smooth and bright, gaining a young and healthy look. This is a deep, gentle warming of the whole body in a traditional Without salt bath that accompanies peeling: a Kesse mitten.

In the course of the massage, all the muscle groups warm up. Particular attention is paid to the spine, joints of physics letters b arms and legs. The work of the cardiovascular system improves, muscle tone decreases, pores open, an active detoxification of the body occurs. Massage has a beneficial effect on the skin, increases the strength of the body and slows down the aging process.

Relieves irritation, soothes, has an anti-inflammatory effect, saturates the body with useful trace elements and minerals that are contained in the healing volcanic mask of rossules. Berber body care ceremony. Advice on principle of the ritual consists in the combination of the impact on the skin of Gassoul clay and wet soaring. The result is silky and soft, clean skin. Soft advice on, relaxation and velvet advice on will become your companions for a long time after a luxurious ritual.

Thanks to the cosmetics used by the Advice on company Morjana, you will open the doors to advice on world filled with aromas, advice on by sensual beauty.

The ritual also has an anti-cellulite effect, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, nourishes with minerals, improves tone and eliminates puffiness.



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